The Power of Observation Posted on 12 Apr 09:05

A daily journal about your animal can help you:

  • notice changes in appearance or behavior before illness strikes
  • change the environment to eliminate triggers causing anxiety or allergies
  • identify what is normal for your animal
  • communicate with the veterinarian
  • strengthen your relationship with your animal

Moving from Frustration to Action

Many animal owners lament that their animal can’t tell them where it hurts. They hand the animal over to the vet and expect the right diagnosis and treatment. Often this can lead to high costs as the veterinarian runs test after test to find the cause. At times it can lead to a lifetime of medication for the animal or worse, a shortened life overall. At the least it can mean frustration for a household with animals that are depressed or out of control for no apparent reason.

What if there was more you could do? Would you spend 5-15 minutes a day helping your animal not only be free from pain and illness, but thrive? Step one is easier than you think.

Watch. That’s all. Simply watch your animal’s daily actions. You probably know more than you think about what your animal needs.

And then write. We suggest you keep a notebook or calendar dedicated to this purpose. Call it journaling; call it a log; call it whatever works for you to make an entry in it every day. Every day. That’s the key to transforming your role from helpless bystander to active participant in your animal’s journey.

He’s Never Been Like This Before . . . Has He?

By making a note of what you see, you begin to know what is normal for your animal and what is not. You become more attuned to a limp or increased hair loss. Perhaps more importantly, you begin to make correlations to what might have triggered the behavior. Did the barometer drop before your dog’s last seizure? Did the cherry trees blossom before your cat’s runny nose acted up? Did you change laundry detergents and suddenly your horse is resistant to your approach?

Think about the kinds of questions a doctor asks when you have an illness:

  • When did it start?
  • What makes it better?
  • What makes it worse?
  • What have you tried for it?
  • Has this happened before?


What Does an Animal Journal Look Like?

For daily notes, it might be helpful to have standard categories that are part of your consistent observations.

If anything was unusual in your routine, you could make a short note of that to help you backtrack and remember what day it was your child stayed home sick or when the neighbors moved—everything that might have affected your animal’s environment. 

If this sounds like more than you can do, try building it on top of a habit you already have. For instance, tuck your animal journaling into the space between when you make coffee and when you read the paper. Or maybe when you get back from a run or taking the kids to school, you can have the animal notebook out and ready for ten minutes of your attention.

What’s in It for Me?

The payoff for this time will be knowing what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to see the shifts brought about by dietary changes, lifestyle changes, or Pet Essences. Sometimes a Pet Essence formula stops an unwanted behavior in its tracks, such as the Calming Solution before a veterinary appointment. But other times the change is subtle and takes months, like when building the Immune System.

The animals around us respond to our intentions and vibrations. Just the loving act of taking a few minutes every day to dedicatedly write down how your animal is doing can be a part of the healing process and the deepening of your relationship.



Helping Your Pet Through Some Rough Times Posted on 15 Oct 10:58

Autumn is in the air signaling changes in the weather and probably many household routines.

The animals you are caring for are observing what is going on around them. But they can only guess at the reasons for the changes in schedules and the whereabouts of family members.

If traveling is a common occurrence, then when luggage and backpacks come out of storage they know change is afoot. The packing routine has happened before so they are alert in this familiar mystery zone. What in the world is going on? Who is going on a trip? Is the pet sitter moving in for a while? And when are you leaving?

EMOTIONAL STABILITY is helpful during this uncertain confusing time. This formula helps to separate the thoughts in your head that might contribute to your pet’s concerns. You can also send calming images because animals seem to have an ability to take thoughts and images out of our minds.

Fall is also the time of year when young children start school and older family members may go off to college. Big shifts are taking place in the daily lives that the critters have been experiencing.

Animals as saddened and grief stricken when people they are used to being with on a daily basis disappear from their world.  They do not yet know that the family will be together over the weekend. Or maybe the reuniting will not happen until the holidays. From their point of view, the person is gone and there is no way of knowing when or if they will return.

A pet’s vocabulary does not include the words to explain the different kinds of out of sight possibilities. Gone on a trip is still carrying the possibility of being gone forever. So we have come to suggest using our DEPRESSION GRIEVING formula when big changes happen that could be misinterpreted as forever.

Death is very final. We know that our DEPRESSION GRIEVING formula is extremely helpful in bringing animals back from the state of despondency and depression that usually follows when a human or animal family member passes on.  Animals often stop eating. They feel sad act lethargic.

As with people, all animal responses to death can be considered normal, but we can shorten the time of painful suffering by using DEPRESSION GRIEVING. LIFE FORCE ZEST can bring about a great boost in feeling better after a few days of using DEPRESSION GRIEVING.

Anxiety and Fear Posted on 26 Jul 14:12

When we look at the questions and heart felt concerns that visitors to this web site express regarding the animals that they care for, fearful behavior shows up at the top of the list.

The fight or flight survival instinct never entirely disappears. Uncertainty and concerns can trigger ancient survival instincts and we see the results in an animal’s daily life behavior. These instincts remain strong throughout even a domestic animal’s life.

It is not always easy to isolate what is causing an animal’s concerns. But by observing their behavior, we can make some good guesses. A cat hiding under the bed or in a dark closet or a dog drooling or peeing for no reason apparent to us is a good clue that they are fearful. Could it be a memory from the past? It might be a dropped pan in the kitchen. No matter the immediate understanding of the fear source, we can learn to read the coded message!

Our ANXIETY FEAR formula, given 4 times a day can help overcome these fears. We like to suggest combining ANXIETY FEAR with EMOTIONAL STABILITY because animals pick up the thoughts and images in our heads and this formula offers them additional psychic protection.

For an extremely well trained animal like those working with Search and Rescue teams, our WORKING ANIMALS formula helps to override the fearful instincts activated by fire, confusion, exhaustion, hunger and follow instructions.

But for our family pets ANXIETY FEAR is a good choice in unusual circumstances such as introducing a new family member like a crying newborn or frisky puppy. It can be used ahead of an event while preparing for social gatherings or visiting grandchildren.

Animals like life without surprises, other than playful activities and depend upon routines such as regular feeding times. So we can make them more comfortable and happy by helping them overcome unnecessary anxious feelings.

Working Animals Posted on 23 Jul 14:44

We live in a stunningly beautiful part of northern New Mexico.

From where I am sitting and looking west, the confluence of the Red River and the Rio Grande Rivers  in the Rio Grande Gorge are to my right. And the Cerro Pedernal mountain top made internationally famous by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe is to my left.

The Cerro Pedernal is about 60 miles from these Sangre de Christo Mountains but the Rio Grande Gorge is less than 10 miles away. When the sun rises, the western wall of the Gorge is illuminated into a brilliant rosy magenta color. In the forested parts of this mountain range there are numerous hiking trails, cross country groomed trails and several downhill snowboard and ski areas.

All this description is the lead up to why we have so many visitors both summer and winter and why we have such an active Search and Rescue group of volunteers.

It is not unusual to hear and see helicopters and airplanes looking for lost people and when found, flying them to the appropriate hospital. They are the support team for the people, dogs and horses on the ground who are searching through extremely rugged and difficult terrain for a lost and often injured traveler.

Earthquakes, burning buildings and all types of human made and natural disasters usually require the help of a rescue team. Our WORKING ANIMALS formula is to help animals maintain the stamina and focus needed to work in these difficult situations.

WORKING ANIMALS will help an animal override their own instincts of fear or hunger, follow instructions and proceed with the sequential steps necessary to complete the given task.

TRAINING/BREAKING HABITS is the formula to use during  training sessions but WORKING ANIMALS offers the most support for recreational or rescue situations that require focus and endurance.

Visiting the Groomer With Your Pet Posted on 29 Jun 10:58

Animals who are trained to attend and preform in Competitive Shows need to arrive looking their best. So in addition to months and years of training for the activities required to preform in the Shows, they are used to visiting a groomer.

These animals are comfortable with the routines and tools used in the grooming process.  But animals who are well loved but treated like pets are not always as well trained.  Going to a groomer can be a bit unnerving for both the animal and the owner. All animals like to be appreciated for looking their best. After a successful appointment, they often strut around acting pleased and proud.

Now in the heat of summer, most pets can do with a bit of hair trimming just to stay cooler. An owner can easily give the family dog a bath at home or at the local pet shop that has a do it your self doggie wash. But the hair and nail trimming and ear cleaning is best left to an expert.

After selecting the Groomer who will take care of your dogs and cats, the next trick is to make the animals comfortable when experiencing the new adventure. Our GROOMING formula can be a big help.

Over the years we have received many success stories and testimonials from people who have used our flower essences to TRAVEL to the location as well as the GROOMING formula while at the facility. Additionally, ANXIETY/FEAR and EMOTIONAL STABILITY can be used for several days ahead of the appointment to bolster confidence and courage.

Dogs seem to take to the grooming experience more easily than cats. So we think the following testimonial from Adrienne Kawamura, Owner of City Kitty, is especially useful to read.

“I have been using Energetic Essences in my cat grooming salon for years with great success. We use them for cats that are scared, upset or lack confidence to endure the process. We also carry them in the salon for retail sale and have so many clients finding great success with them. They are wonderful to restore physical as well as emotional imbalances in the body. Our salon follows the principles of holistic care, so this fits our business model well.  I can’t imagine my business without using this wonderful product. It makes my life and every cat I groom so much easier.”

‘Tis the Fireworks and Thunderstorm Season Posted on 14 Jun 08:43

As I write this we are having a humongous thunder and lightening rainstorm. Some hail is pounding down as well. Wind is whipping the tree branches to and fro and streams of water are running down the driveway.

For humans and animals alike, powerful thunder and lightning and heavy rains can be upsetting and trauma producing.

Our local animal shelter is located very close to the area where the community fire works are ignited each 4th of July. This causes a massive amount of stress for the cats and dogs living there. Many of the volunteers who donate their time throughout the year also spend the holiday night comforting terrified animals.

Domestic animals including horses and llamas who live near a gun firing range also recoil from the sudden sharp sounds. Don’t forget to help them.

We suggest using THUNDER STORMS, EMOTIONAL STABILITY AND CALMING SOLUTION. Most animals do well with the first two but some benefit from using the CALMING SOLUTION as well.

In caring for our dog Cinnamon, we gave her a few drops each of EMOTIONAL STABILITY and THUNDER STORMS in her bowl of drinking water prior to the thunderous season.

Every time she lapped the water up she got a dose and she did that at least 4 times a day, which is our suggested dosage amount.  We found she would sometimes be fearless and comfortable for a year or more and then suddenly show signs of fear again. So we just repeated the procedure.

You can use these flower essence formulas right at the time of the storm or fireworks celebration but animals can be spared the fearful traumatic state if you are able to begin using them prior to the events.

Helping Your Pet Overcome Skin Irritation and Allergies. Posted on 30 May 08:19

It is not necessary to know the reasons or sources of your pet’s allergies for them to benefit from using our flower essences to achieve improvement in the discomfort they suffer.

We recommend using all four of the formulas suggested: ALLERGIES, IMMUNE SYSTEM,  DIGESTION/ ASSIMILATION and if appropriate SKIN IRRITATION. Together they are great team players. People who use all four report the best results. 

The ALLERGIES formula covers many aspects of the pain and suffering animals encounter with allergies. So if you are only going to use one formula, give this one a try. It is important to remember that giving a dose 4x a day is the best way to get positive results.

Traditionally we use a single flower essence or formula for three months and then reevaluate the changes we have noted. Usually progress is seen far sooner than three months but no harm comes from using either a single flower or formula longer.

We have hundreds of single flower essences in stock.  As they are not listed at this site, please contact us if you are looking for a particular flower.  Chances are good that we have the flower you are looking for available.

SKIN IRRITATION is one of our most popular formulas. It is sad to learn how many animals, especially dogs are busy scratching and biting and licking themselves. This formula helps reduce the itching and therefore the need to scratch. If the skin is bloody and raw, adding PAIN RELIEF is a good idea.

Cats with twitchy tails have also experienced relief with SKIN IRRITATION.

As with all flower essences, they can be put directly into the mouth, mixed into the food or water and applied directly on to the skin area that is raw, even bleeding.

A soothing way to use SKIN IRRITATION is to fill a bowl with warm water and then put in a few drops of the flower essence liquid from either a Stock or Dose bottle. Dip a soft cloth into the water, squeeze out extra liquid and hold it gently onto the area in need for a short time.

Cats are more restless about this procedure so just hold the soaked cloth onto the kitty and follow them walking around for a minute or so. Once they feel the comfort that is offered they generally become more cooperative.

Whether the allergy symptoms are seasonal, food related or a new shampoo in the rug, our beloved animals deserve some help!

Does Your Dog or Cat Get Lonely? Posted on 26 May 15:45

Our animal companions seem at their happiest when we are home with them. Most animals do not like to be left home alone.

Even if we are not playing together, they are more comfortable just knowing that we are in the next room reading or in the kitchen preparing the next meal.

Sometimes it is easy to take the family dog to the grocery store with no difficulty.  But most of us go off to work during the day and do not take our dogs and cats with us.  Cats seem to be more content when left alone than dogs.

Over the years we have heard the most amazing destructive stories of how creative these anxious dogs can be. They have been reported to be eating sheets and curtains. Even long time trained, house broken dogs are peeing and pooping everywhere inside the house and shredding books, magazines and toilet paper.

Animals only have so many ways to get our attention and causing a mess is one of them.  Cats can be destructive but they are more likely to stop eating, miss the litter box or spray something precious that belongs to their human.

It is always important to make sure the animal, dog or cat, does not have a urinary problem and if not, then we consider it to be an emotional situation and some flower essences can really help get back on track.

EMOTIONAL STABILITY helps to create a separation between the thoughts of the caregiver and the pet. When a person is worried about what will happen in their absence, that gets picked up by the now concerned pet and then when left alone trouble starts.

The LONLINESS HOME ALONE formula helps animals access their instincts and then they realize that causing trouble won’t really get them what they want. OUT of CONTROL can be combined with the other formulas just mentioned and when these are used daily it usually does not take long for the behavior to change in a positive way.

Traveling With Your Pet Posted on 17 May 08:14

Airplanes, cars, trailers, trains, buses and bikes all carry our pets near and far.

Years ago we had a Border Collie who loved to take trips riding on the gas tank of our BMW Motorcycle.  Duende was fortunate in that he did not exhibit any of the common difficulties that so many animal travelers suffer.  He would just lower his head behind the fairing and happily lean into the curves!

One of the most common problems animal travelers encounter is motion sickness. Drooling, vomiting, peeing and whimpering are all possible signs of motion sickness.

We suggest giving a Dose of our TRAVEL formula several minutes before leaving home and then another upon getting settled in the vehicle. This is good for a trip around the block or one to the Veterinarian’s office.  If the trip is a long one, more doses will be helpful.

TRAVEL seems to make the passing of time easier for the pets. They become more inclined to just settle in for the trip.

People have used TRAVEL with success when flying with or without the animal.

Cat owners have called us to report that for the first time ever the kitties were calm and even curled up and went to sleep on long trips.

If the pet is generally concerned about strangers, loud noises and other surprises, you can begin using our ANXIETY/FEAR formula combined with EMOTIONAL STABILITY days or weeks before traveling and that will help reduce their concerns while on the adventure.

Most animals like to get out and about so TRAVEL can make the experiences more enjoyable for both the animals and their people.

Where did the time go? Living with an aging pet Posted on 13 May 11:44

First we had puppies and kittens. Then as the months and years passed, they developed into healthy energetic dogs and cats.

Now, since they were given so much love, good food and care, they have turned into Senior Citizens, with new needs.

Our ELDER COMFORT formula was designed to help some of new behaviors that present themselves as the years accumulate.

Stiff achy legs are a common problem.  Our ARTHRITIS/ACHY PAIN formula can help here.  We have heard many stories about cats and dogs no longer comfortable jumping up onto the bed where they like to sleep.

After using ARTHRITIS/ACHY PAIN with their animals, we get phone calls and e-mails from people saying that they are now able to spring up onto the bed. As they get into their teen years or even earlier, cats and dogs can make good use of a stepping stool or chair to shorten the jumping distance.

ELDER COMFORT helps with the general disorientation that often accompanies aging. Symptoms of this could be a dog walking into a corner and not figuring out how to get back out. Often there is more daytime sleeping and yowling and pacing at night and generally roaming ‘round and ‘round.

There are many ways to administer flower essences.  They can be put into the food, the bowl of drinking water or onto the paws or skin. Some animals benefit by having the liquid put directly in their mouth. ELDER COMFORT is one of the formulas that seem to work best in the mouth. We suggest diluting the liquid from the stock bottle, making a DOSE bottle and putting that liquid directly into the pet’s mouth.